About You!

  • You love adult party games.

  • You are creative and can make up your own answers. You don't need a handful of pre-written silliness on cards (against humanity).

  • You prefer real competition to a judge picking their version of "funniest."

  • You don't like to take turns. You want to be engaged every moment. 

  • You think outside the box. You find categories and fill-in-the-blank questions too restrictive.

  • You used to love Balderdash, but the requirement of writing bluff answers and taking turns was a buzzkill.

  • You'd rather make stuff up than show off your knowledge (or lack of it).

BullChef is a party game for liars.


We provide unbelievable, but true, answers to wacky questions about food, drink, and culinary culture. You provide believable, but untrue, made-up answers. 


You get NO points for knowing the real answer. You win by getting the other players to think your made-up answer is true.

AGES: 15 and up.

PLAYERS: 3 to 8, with special rules for team play and 2-player games.

TIME: About 30 minutes.