$100 prize every month!

Make a Video about BullChef and win real money.

$1,000 Grand Prize!
Enter as often as you like!

How to Win

Make a video about BullChef.  It could be about the rules. It could be about strategy. It could be a review of the game.  It could be an ad. It could be a video of people actually playing the game. It could really be about anything as long as it is helpful to anyone who has an interest in playing BullChef.

Post your video on YouTube.  Then let us know about your video by sending us a message along with a link to your video.

Thanks! Message sent.

$100 monthly prize.  Each month we will select our favorite video from the new submissions. If it's yours, we will send you a check for $100. If no videos qualify, the monthly prize will be carried over to future months. Participants who submit multiple entries are eligible to win a monthly prize for each entry. 

$1,000 Grand Prize.  The first winning video to have 100,000 views and 100 likes on YouTube wins $1,000. 

You own your video.  You can do whatever you like with your video. However, you also give us permission to use your video for promoting and advertising BullChef. Please be sure to follow YouTube's rules for posting videos. 

Contest ends: December 31, 2018.